Our goal at MANITOU TOLLERS is to breed the highest quality dog possible.
We breed a very limited number of litters each year.  We strive to breed the versatile Toller that will be a good companion as well as a hard working Toller in any venue.  We will only place healthy puppies with sound temperament to approved homes.

We will consider placing puppies with owners who are agreeable to:

...attending at least puppy obedience training classes and strive to develop your puppies     ability to work and play. 
...have a Fully Fenced yard 
...provide a Veterinary reference
...provide Trainer/Training school  reference
...keep us informed of your Toller’s progress
...if you are an active individual or family and wish to share your  home with one of            our puppies and are willing to enter into our puppy agreement

To be considered for a quality Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who carries the AKC Registered Kennel name of
please contact Cindy Lindemer by telephone: (651) 323-7260

Or e-mail manitouduckdogs@msn.com